Chronic Migrane Headaches

Nicholas Matthews asked:

Some people suffer from headaches on a regular basis. They have these aches and pains, sometimes pounding headaches that are caused by all kinds of things, from the weather to stress to hormones that are naturally in the body. But there is a type of headache that is much worse than the others put together and is enough to bring even the strongest of us to our knees. This is what is commonly known as a migraine headache, and if the problem persists it can actually become chronic.

Migraines are typically broken down into two distinct types, some that come with an accompanying set of symptoms and another that does not have those symptoms. They include the following that may or may not accompany the headache, and usually occur before the headache begins. Light flashes and zigzag lines could be within your vision, and you may experience a hole in your line of sight, as if you can not see things when looking directly at them.

I know that my wife, when she has these signs can overcome the migraine by working on it at that point. The headache will then progress to perhaps a pain that is on one or both sides of the head, perhaps with pulsating or pounding sensations, nausea and an inability to function because of the pain. Some of the things that can cause a migrane headache are what are known as common triggers. They include hormonal changes in the body, different types of food, drinks, caffeine, nicotine, changes in the way that we sleep and in our environment and some medications that we may be taking.

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Online Pharmacies Selling Pain Relievers – Part 1

Josh L Mckinley asked:

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"Weird" remedies for Migraine

Ryan Rebutica asked:

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Get Rid of Migraines

Juliet Cohen asked:

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